“My ethos is a dedication to helping students develop skills, discipline, and potential as performers and people, at whatever skill level I work. I work with professional actors, theatre students, youth theatre, business people, lecturers, people with learning difficulties, and other groups. I find all the groups have something to teach me,

If I wanted to instill one important thing it would be that no one artist is the only person in the creative arena of theatre, that it is a group endeavour and that whilst making theatre is hard work, it should also be joyous.”

picture: Sean T O'Meallaigh

picture: Sean T O’Meallaigh


  • Chekhov Technique; created by Michael Chekhov, which puts Imagination and the Body at the core of creating theatre and character. I am passionate about this work, where knowing comes initially from contacting the work instinctively and imaginatively, rather than being led by the intellect and ‘real life’.
  • Voice and Classic Text: I have devised and developed voice programmes for professional actors ,and acting students, again through psychophysical training, freeing and linking the voice strongly to the body and Imagination, in addition to the technical, muscular skills necessary to use the voice correctly.The breath is like a river to the core of the soul.
  • Applied Voice for lecturers and business people, young people and people with learning difficulties . Working with voice as a means of relaxation and more effective communication
  • Ensemble and Devising ; working with students and nonactors , I have travelled on exciting journies with groups creating pieces of theatre from themes of their choosing . it is one of the most valuable ways to create theatre.
  • Directing. Working to explore the director-actor dynamic , create aesthetic, and find the journey through both play and production.

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