JOURNEY THROUGH ATMOSPHERE -Chekhov Summer School 2017 Galway Ireland

JOURNEY THROUGH ATMOSPHERE -Chekhov Summer School 2017 Galway Ireland



Following on from CTPI’s highly successful ‘Exploring the Invisible’ summer school last year, ‘Journey through Atmosphere’ focuses on two of the most important aspects of the Chekhov work. A performance takes us on a journey and through that journey the character takes action. A strong tool for an actor to discover the character journey or indeed the journey of a whole play is through psychological gesture, a way of using the body to unearth psychological actions and qualities for the character .These actions do not take place in a vacuum however and the workshop will spend an equal amount of time on Atmosphere and how it influences what the characters want and how they act. By combining these two Chekhov tools, participants will be able to take these two powerful tools into the rehearsal room. A little knowledge of Chekhov Technique would be valuable. If in doubt email to discuss it. 23 hours training.

The play we will be working with is one of the epic ‘journey’ plays, PERICLES by Shakespeare which travels through a number of ‘lands’ each with their particular atmosphere. For actors, directors and designers.
Apply by email to check out the website

cost [training only] 180 euro.

Tutor Max Hafler

Accommodation: Should you wish to avail of it, the college lets out accommodation, with or without breakfast.